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up to 100 candidates



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up to 1,000 candidates



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up to 10,000 candidates



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up to 50,000 candidates

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What do you get?

Job portal

We host your job details securely online, along with a customisable application form. Each job is only accessible through a unique URL. Or you can choose to import candidates from your other job application forms.

Collaborate and Share

You can invite whomever you need to from your team, either to help you manage the entire system or to contribute contacts, such as via an employmee referral scheme or even external agents.

Candidate profiles

Each candidate has a robust profile of information to help you make a hiring decision. Workroll can automatically pull in data to stop you having to do it manually. Via our browser or email plugins, we can pre-populate key information, upload CV's and track activity such as emails and interview dates.

Candidate applications

Potential candidates can fill out an application directly, giving your more information before scheduling an interview. Keep the rest of your hiring team informed about their application status and track all activity related to the candidate and their progress.

Warm introductions

Contact potential candidates knowing who sourced them in the first place, confident that they're probably a good fit. A lot of your ideal candidates are probably not actively looking for a job, so seeking them pro-actively gives you a competitive advantage over other similar companies that are hiring.

Job matching score

Every time you add a candidate to a job, or multiple jobs they'll be scored based on how well they match the job requirements. The more data you have on a candidate and the more detailed your job requirements are, the more accurate the score will be. This means you can evaluate candidates at a glance.

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