Recruitment, Automated

Spend less time sourcing and evaluating,

and more time hiring.

Screen and reject candidates, automatically

Our job matching score let's you evaluate candidates at a glance.
A dynamic personal email gets sent to everyone that doesn't make the cut.
Screen people with an extended application form to ask and receive more specific questions.

Post your job once, advertise it everywhere

50+ free and paid job boards
Share socially with your network
Ask for referrals from employees
... all in one click

Track all candidates by referral source

See ROI per job advertisement, based on number of candidates and hires.
Track personal referrals for employee incentive schemes.

Candidate relationship software that allows you to source, evaluate and hire the very best people in a lot less time.

Build your own talent database. When you add a new job, it suggests suitable people from within your own database

No external recruitment agency fees
Manage 1 to 1 million candidates and jobs
Automate everything up to interviews

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