Source and evaluate candidates cheaper and faster.

1. Automate candidate sourcing without agencies
2. Evaluate and reject instantly
3. Retain and attract talent organically

Candidate relationship software that allows you to source, evaluate and hire the very best people in a lot less time.

Our CRM software is designed for brands that beleive in candidate focused recruitment

Save money on external recruiters, and vet them at a glance with our automatic job scoring.

No external recruitment agency or referral fees

Manage 100 to 100,000 of applicants across many jobs

Vet candidates at a glance, with an AI powered job score

How it works


Add your job details and Workroll will create a public application form and unique email address for the role, as well as match any current candidates that are already suitable. Choose 50+ job boards to advertise it instantly.


Quickly add potential candidates from your Inbox, or LinkedIn, Indeed, Github e.t.c. and literally anywhere else on the internet with our Browser plugin. Import existing spreadsheets and FWD or CC applicant emails directly into your CRM.


Reach out to candidates, and see their status automatically updated with our Email plugin. Manage their details, track their status and share it with your team. Invite all your employees to suggest candidates for vacancies.

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